Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Shoes!

Whee, new shoes! Specifically, Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" Converse shoes! (I owe Squalls for telling me about these. Thanks Squalls!)  :D tempting to put on that record and listen to it while I try to make boring graphs for this paper...  :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why everyone should be a night-owl...

Because I'm lazy, I'm pasting this directly from chat:

[vaaht] wow...I have a really bad picture of the fire last night <.<
[theclam] fire? :/
[wandering_nomad] munch!
[vaaht] not in my apartment <.<
[vaaht] outside
[vaaht] it was kinda funny actually <.<
[vaaht] I was sitting down to watch heroes at 4 am in-between working and I hear this weird sound and so I walk to my bathroom and look out the window and this huge palm tree at the opposite corner of the parking lot that's outside my bedroom window is on fire and there's flames rising up into the air and all the bushes are catching on fire <.<
[theclam] o.o
[vaaht] and these two security guys in the parking lot are freaking out not knowing what to do, so I yelled out that I had called 911 and the fire department was on the way <.<
[theclam] do you live on the pleasantville set or something?
[vaaht] and it took a couple minutes for them to get there (nm that the fire department is literally 3 blocks down the street) and then they circled around and completely missed the fire and kept going o.O
[theclam] haha
[vaaht] I think that might have been a different truck going elsewhere though <.<
[vaaht] I'm not sure how you miss a flaming palm tree on the corner of a major street o.o
[vaaht] but was a two-alarm fire and they had it put out in five minutes and disappeared within 10 minutes <.<
[vaaht] and now there's just this charred palm tree and some missing bushes along that fence <.<
[vaaht] so yeah...I took a really crappy picture with my phone (didn't know where my camera was and the fire department was starting to put out the fire so I didn't want to miss it <.<)
[vaaht] so yes...these are the interesting things that life throws at you when you stay up until 4 am the night before a presentation that you have to give <.<
[vaaht] I'm just glad I wasn't asleep o.o
[vaaht] miss all the excitement :(

And finally, exciting picture time, or rather, really bad picture time because the only thing I had on me was my phone...

During fire:

To translate, that white rectangular object is a truck that was only about a car's length from the flaming bushes. The big light in the center and the smaller light directly below it are the flames (the top one is the tree and the bottom one are the bushes). The little red light off to the right is the lights from one of the fire trucks.

Better picture from this afternoon:

Just in case you can't tell, that big blackened tree trunk in the center is the burning tree from this morning. The big white truck is missing (but it does park there every night! ...well, except for maybe tonight... <.< ).